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> >The point is when you have people with new enhanced sensory
> >powers they are still just people. By stating that the qualities
> >posessed by the individual are what's important, X has said
> >what we always knew all along.
> Actually, sometimes the more you understand a person, the more
> you will hate
> them. Understanding does not bring with it acceptance. This may
> be the reason
> why Char and Amuro went to the lengths they did...that because
> they understood
> more, the more they went crazy in hating each other. It's kinda
> sad in a sense...that
> the very powers that have so much potential to bring about peace
> are also the
> powers which can cause ultimate war. (damn, am beginning to be
> reminded of
> Escaflowne, but that's OT and for another thread...)

As Mark Simmons stated, in CCA, both Amuro and Bright probably know Char
better than his current crop of flunkies.

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