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Hm...it looks like the artist behind Five Star Stories is behind the wheel
at the character design and mecha design.

>To quote Keanu Reaves: Whoa. And i mean that in a big way.
>I was reading newtype magazine's english site, and they've got a bit on
>something called "For the Barrel".
>Check the link: http://www.newtype-net.com/brl8_1.html
>Here's a snippet:
>So-called 'masterpieces' turn into 'classics' over time, while living in
>people's memories. And when the time comes, a masterpiece can be revived by
>popular demand. 'Mobilesuit Gundam' was a benchmark series in Japanese
>animation history. 20 years later, this show has also achieved the status of
>a classic. Gichi Ohtsuka, in charge of the project 'For The Barrel', wanted
>to remake it with a totally new concept, based on the characters and
>situations from Yoshiyuki Tomino's original novel, while giving a new look
>and new perspective to his creation. In order to bring the new 'Gundam' to
>life in 'For The Barrel', he has started a novel in Newtype magazine and
>detailed background info pages on Newtype.com. Now a new 'Gundam' story is
>revealing itself for the 21st century.
>If you click on the peoples faces in the images, it tells you their names
>... I've picked out Bright Noah, Lalah Sun(g), Mirai, Sayla Mass, Hayato,
>the three kids, Frau, Slegger, and a few I couldn't place the names for. No
>sign of Amuro, though.. All crew on the White base class ship Pegasus.
>Frankly this is coming straight out of left field for me. I do dig the
>character designs, but that "mobile suit" is damned butt ugly.
>I'm still in shock.
>Can this be it? Our new Gundam series is a retelling of the original series?
>Wow. Whoa. Erg. Wow.
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