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To quote Keanu Reaves: Whoa. And i mean that in a big way.
I was reading newtype magazine's english site, and they've got a bit on
something called "For the Barrel".
Check the link:
Here's a snippet:
So-called 'masterpieces' turn into 'classics' over time, while living in
people's memories. And when the time comes, a masterpiece can be revived by
popular demand. 'Mobilesuit Gundam' was a benchmark series in Japanese
animation history. 20 years later, this show has also achieved the status of
a classic. Gichi Ohtsuka, in charge of the project 'For The Barrel', wanted
to remake it with a totally new concept, based on the characters and
situations from Yoshiyuki Tomino's original novel, while giving a new look
and new perspective to his creation. In order to bring the new 'Gundam' to
life in 'For The Barrel', he has started a novel in Newtype magazine and
detailed background info pages on Now a new 'Gundam' story is
revealing itself for the 21st century.

If you click on the peoples faces in the images, it tells you their names
... I've picked out Bright Noah, Lalah Sun(g), Mirai, Sayla Mass, Hayato,
the three kids, Frau, Slegger, and a few I couldn't place the names for. No
sign of Amuro, though.. All crew on the White base class ship Pegasus.

Frankly this is coming straight out of left field for me. I do dig the
character designs, but that "mobile suit" is damned butt ugly.
I'm still in shock.
Can this be it? Our new Gundam series is a retelling of the original series?
Wow. Whoa. Erg. Wow.

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