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> >Thats something i've wondered as well. All i've seen were several gundam
> >manga/artbooks that showcase the aqua gms in action only to get
> blown to bits
> >by one hygog. I'd like to see someone expand on the idea of Fed msm.
> >
> >
> >Pierce
> They had to be blown to bits, otherwise these Fed aqua suits will wreck
> havoc with the established continuity.
> Kind of ironic how the spacenoids knew to make environment-specific suits
> while the EARTH Federation have no amphibious suits at all...

Not really. Zeon designers lived in a completely enclosed environment.
Thus, when it comes time to design mobile suits, they tends to think in
terms of environmental adoptation. Thus we have Space based suits, Earth
bound suits, Desert environment suits, Aquatic suits.

The Federation have always rule both on Earth and in Space. Their thinking
reflects the one size fits all mentality currently in vogue in the US
military planner. The end results is the one size fits all GM that we see
in the end of OYW.

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