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While I am certainly honored that my name has become synonymous with
the extravagant purchase of expensive kits, I don't actually spend
that much on kits a year. I just have very selective tastes, so I can
focus my purchases on a few really nice kits a year, rather than
buying a whole bunch of injection plastic.

Besides, every friend, relative and business acquaintance I have
knows that there is no point getting me a gift unless it is a resin
kit, so that cuts down on my expenses further.

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> MCCOLGDEB@aol.com wrote:
> > Know what would be kool? PGs of the Nightengale and Hi Nu.
> Probably no one on the list could afford em except for L.M...500
> bucks for the HI-NU, and about 2 grand or more for the
> Nighingale.. Heck even MGs would be expensive of these!! heck just
> try to imagine the shipping coss for these...

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