Brett Jensen (
Wed, 30 Aug 2000 09:29:27 -0700

Echo|Fox wrote:

> Heh. I'd love to, but after scoring my RX-178 for 25$cdn (17$us) it's pretty
> hard to go and drop 40$ on a HCM zeta or double zeta... but I do plan on
> getting the Z,ZZ, Type 100, and HiZack, at the very least. I'd sell my soul
> for one of the Musha HCM's though =)

Forget the Zeta! It's an utter peice of crap, worst Gundam toy ever! The Hizack
and the Hyaku Shiki kick ass though. I can't comment on ZZ since I don't have
that one.

Anybody have the L-gaim HCMs? How are they?

---Brett Jensen

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