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Subject: [gundam] Two part question(Master Grade kits and petitions)

>Ok what mobile suits do you want to see get the Master Grade >treatment?
>I want to see the Zaku III or the Guncannon(I can't believe >they haven't
>made this yet) and a Rick Dias.
>And on a related note has Bandai ever been sucessfully >petitioned to
>make a particular kit? I know Star Wars fans have lobbied >Hasbro and
>have gotten obscure characters and ships made into toys so I was
>wondering if anyone has gotten Bandai to do the same and why >weren't
>classic suits like the Guncannon or the GM cannon made into MG >kits?

RX-77 Guncannon
RGM-79[G] GM Sniper (complete with cables on the back)
MSN-100 Hyaku Shiki
MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam Anuro Ray Custom
MS-07B3 Gouf Custom
all the Version Ka(toki) Wing kits
FA-93 HWS Nu Gundam Heavy Weapons type

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