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>>*thundering bellow echoes throughout the ends of the
>>universe, carried through the vacuum of space by the
>>laws of anime physics*
>>minmei (mari ijima) can sing.
>>britney can NOT sing.
>>*whips out gu-11 gunpod and empties it's ammo into
>>richie and eddie, while unleashing all missile
>>payloads at them both*
>>gadzooks, eddie! you wanna gimme a heart attack or

>*joins garrick and acquires a Full Armor VF-11 Thunderbolt from >the U.N.

>*fires the nukes at garrick's targets*

>ugh...anything BUT britney and mariah...

>>Uhm...Kylie Minogue? Debbie Gibson?

>gee they can't pass off as Minmay...I'd still prefer Mari Ijima.

Maybe Coco Lee, she's Asian and despite some of her recent work she can

*Brings out YF-19 Excalibur and puts up the Pin-Point Barrier, just in case*

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