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>>Sigh-Japanese live-action just isn't as well-done as their animation...
>>let's try to keep it a little PG though :)

>Remember the mark hamill guyver thing? ugh. I do. That thing >pretty
>told me how bad things can get. On the other side of the >tracks, one does
>have tank girl the movie. and my favorite should-have-been-an->anime-movie
>Cherry 2000.

>But seriously guys, when they do get campy, they don't do it in >half
>measures. just look at all that Ultraman stuff. A 50-foot >tall guy
>wearing read and silver spandex and a crazy helmet is going to >save the
>earth. Lovely. Of course. my country is notorious for campy >stuff too,

And people here wonder where our love of country has gone!

>like a local version of batman and robin, complete with a dance >number,
>some really nasty innuendoes involving Bat-Tea, and an >overweight,
>comedian as batman. EGADZ.

>And then we have a folk hero named Panday (Blacksmith), whose >sword
>short or long depending on the need, fires lightning bolts, and >battles
>demon ninjas in a desert (on a tropical island), and his big >enemy is a
>who dresses up like Zorro minus the mask. He's played by a guy >whose
>sideburns can make elvis cringe. This same actor is also well >known in
>other action movies for being able to fire about 500 bullets >from a

There was another version with another fat actor/mayor. This time the sword
is melted down and turned into a shotgun. Kills, distant helicopters with
one poorly aimed shot!


>the cheesiest action scene? one movie hero here has only one >bullet left
>in his gun, and a knife...two people are rushing towards him in >opposite
>directions. What does he do? aims gun in the middle of both, >puts knife
>in front of gun, and fires. bullet gets split by the knife, >and kills
>bad guys. EEEK.

How about one from another movie where the double barrled shotgun is betn
into opposite directions. And still fires - sidewards.

>I think Philippine action movies are by far the most bizarre >I've seen.

>However, I have to give credit where it's due...when I do see a >good local
>movie here in the pinas, it's stuff like "Once upon a time", >whre the
>protagonist is a Tikbalang (Werehorse/centaur-like being) who >is actually
>coward, and has to save humans who have fallen into the faerie >domain. Or
>the Magic Series (Magic Temple, Magic Kingdom) which explores >a similar
>idea. even though the effects are bad, the stories are good.

There are a few shining gems in the non action fantasy category.
try "Masahol pa sa Hayop" based on a true event during the seventies.

>anyways, enough of the OT.
yes enough OT

Gundam is nice and all, but for it to be made into a live-action movie
would require big American-style budgets...

However, the director should be Japanese.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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