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<< I was hoping that the new Godzilla would be extra tacky, the way I like it.
 I guess we
 will just have to wait a few years and then watch it again for that. BTW, I
 don't know what you can do about it unless you live near Little Rock, but my
 friend and I are going to be making a really cheep, really tacky, yet
 strangely serious film called "Missile From Uranus" that we've been planning
 for a while. We'll probably come up with actors the last minute or so, but
 we need a really geeky Oriental guy to play The Hero (preferably with a
 slight gut). I bet no one like that lives anywhere near me, but what better
 a place to look than this list?! I guess, to some people, that's not one of
 its best features, though... >>

oddly enough, i know someone who'd fit the bill perfectly...i'll let him know
there's a possible acting job for him out there....


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