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I was hoping that the new Godzilla would be extra tacky, the way I like it.
I guess we
will just have to wait a few years and then watch it again for that. BTW, I
don't know what you can do about it unless you live near Little Rock, but my
friend and I are going to be making a really cheep, really tacky, yet
strangely serious film called "Missile From Uranus" that we've been planning
for a while. We'll probably come up with actors the last minute or so, but
we need a really geeky Oriental guy to play The Hero (preferably with a
slight gut). I bet no one like that lives anywhere near me, but what better
a place to look than this list?! I guess, to some people, that's not one of
its best features, though...
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Chris Maier wrote:

> Sigh-Japanese live-action just isn't as well-done as their animation...
> let's try to keep it a little PG though :)

It has improved though, alot of the FX in Godzilla 2000 (Godzilla Millenium)
pretty kick ass. some of the composited (cloned) helicopter sequences are
obvious, but the CG missiles and space ship are really cool. The model work
always is top notch and The new Godzilla suit looks evil but still retains
of the personality of the 60s suits. 3 thumbs up!


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