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>> "yeah, babe. It's a match made in heaven! We could have Brian play Heero,
>> Howie is goofy, he can play Duo, AJ could play Wufei, Kevin is the tall,
>> sensitive type, he can be Trowa and Nick is blonde, so he'll be Quatre.
>> get this on the fast track!"
>> Come on, you KNOW that that has been discussed over lunch in Hollywood.
>that is just way too scary and way too icky. If you *must* use a boy-band,
>use 'n sync. Oh, and Britney Speares (forgive any spelling mistakes) can be
>Relena. Just think about it, blonde and annoying and at the same time very
>popular among the people of the world.
>>p.s. don't ask me how I know the names
>how do you know the names? o.O

It's actually possible that some boneheaded Hollywood Executive has
thought this up, upon seeing his kid watch Gundam Wing. EGADZ.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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