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> Yes... the ridiculously expensive price tag, LOL.
Well, it wasn't that bad. 29.99$ canadian, thats $20us, so about the same as
if I picked up a regular one from a US online store and shipped it up here.
Probably even a bit cheaper if I got dinged with duty.

> >8. What scale are MSiA's supposed to be? I was under the impression that
> >they were 1/144, but it's much smaller than my HCM RX-178, so ... what?
> >1/220?
> It's somewhere in between. Since they are not scaled, you can say it's
> a certain scale for one mobile suit but a different scale for another
> one (for example, the RX-78-2 and the Wing Gundam action figures are
> about the same size, so they are definitely not scaled).
Hmmm okay that makes sense. I suppose for action figures it WOULD be nice to
have them all approximately the same height.

> >Overall I'm suitably impressed. Holds together quite nicely, can get some
> >nice poses, colors are good, panel lines are nice, lots of weapons, etc.
> >When I order my MG FAZZ i'll definately have to pick up some pals for Mr.
> >Zaku.
> You probably should complete your HCM collection first...
Heh. I'd love to, but after scoring my RX-178 for 25$cdn (17$us) it's pretty
hard to go and drop 40$ on a HCM zeta or double zeta... but I do plan on
getting the Z,ZZ, Type 100, and HiZack, at the very least. I'd sell my soul
for one of the Musha HCM's though =)
I do like diversity in my collection (i love my little banpresto SD macross
valkyries), so I have no problem collecting MG kits, HCM's, MSiA's ... it's
all Gundam, and as long as its reasonably cool, I'm happy.
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