Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 30 Aug 2000 18:57:35 -0700

>I picked up a Tetsu Toys Char's Zaku II MSiA today, now for a few questions:
>1. Other than the logo on the shield, are there any differences between this
>and the normal char's zaku? (other than the stand and pin that were

Yes... the ridiculously expensive price tag, LOL.

>2. WTF are Tetsu Toys, and why should I care that they "finally" made Gundam

It's a label owned by a Japanese band. Gundam fans shouldn't care whether
they "finally" made Gundam goods or not, I think that only matters to the
band's fans who happen to be Gundam fans too.

>3. Is it just me, or is the Zaku Machine Gun really extraordinarily large?
>It seems more at home in the hand of my HCM RX-178. Totally out of scale,
>but I could be wrong...

It's not just you. The MSiA toys aren't scaled so the weapons are out of
proportion like most action figure toys.

>4. Is it normal for the weapons to be un-panel lined? They looked quite odd,
>so I went and did them by hand and look much better now.

Hmm... dunno.

>5. Just how "limited edition" are these guys?

Considering it wasn't serially numbered or autographed, I figure there
are probably hundreds of thousands of them out there.

>6. What the heck is a Mazera Top cannon? What's the approriate way for him
>to hold it?

It's a gun made with the cannon of the Magella Attack tank. In the anime
the Zaku II holds it like a regular machine gun with two hands, pointing
forward, but I doubt the action figure can do that.

>7. I remember seeing a Tetsu Toys RX-78-2 at the same store (sadly it wasn't
>there when I got this guy), but are there any others in this "line".

Just the original 3: RX-78-2, Char's Zaku II, and green Zaku II.

>8. What scale are MSiA's supposed to be? I was under the impression that
>they were 1/144, but it's much smaller than my HCM RX-178, so ... what?

It's somewhere in between. Since they are not scaled, you can say it's
a certain scale for one mobile suit but a different scale for another
one (for example, the RX-78-2 and the Wing Gundam action figures are
about the same size, so they are definitely not scaled).

>Overall I'm suitably impressed. Holds together quite nicely, can get some
>nice poses, colors are good, panel lines are nice, lots of weapons, etc.
>When I order my MG FAZZ i'll definately have to pick up some pals for Mr.

You probably should complete your HCM collection first...


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