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I picked up a Tetsu Toys Char's Zaku II MSiA today, now for a few questions:
1. Other than the logo on the shield, are there any differences between this
and the normal char's zaku? (other than the stand and pin that were
2. WTF are Tetsu Toys, and why should I care that they "finally" made Gundam
3. Is it just me, or is the Zaku Machine Gun really extraordinarily large?
It seems more at home in the hand of my HCM RX-178. Totally out of scale,
but I could be wrong...
4. Is it normal for the weapons to be un-panel lined? They looked quite odd,
so I went and did them by hand and look much better now.
5. Just how "limited edition" are these guys?
6. What the heck is a Mazera Top cannon? What's the approriate way for him
to hold it?
7. I remember seeing a Tetsu Toys RX-78-2 at the same store (sadly it wasn't
there when I got this guy), but are there any others in this "line".
8. What scale are MSiA's supposed to be? I was under the impression that
they were 1/144, but it's much smaller than my HCM RX-178, so ... what?

Overall I'm suitably impressed. Holds together quite nicely, can get some
nice poses, colors are good, panel lines are nice, lots of weapons, etc.
When I order my MG FAZZ i'll definately have to pick up some pals for Mr.

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