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<< Maybe we should replace Minmey with a boy band to reflect today's music scene... that's right! N Sync or Backstreet Boys! LOL!

Eddie >>

Nah, those groups are both lining up to make the live-action version of GUNDAM WING.

Come on, just look at it...

Five-member boy band that makes girls scream
Five-member Mobile Suit team that makes girls scream

GUNDAM WING - The Movie : "Larger Than Life", indeed!

"yeah, babe. It's a match made in heaven! We could have Brian play Heero, Howie is goofy, he can play Duo, AJ could play Wufei, Kevin is the tall, sensitive type, he can be Trowa and Nick is blonde, so he'll be Quatre. Let's get this on the fast track!"

Come on, you KNOW that that has been discussed over lunch in Hollywood.


p.s. don't ask me how I know the names

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