Wed, 30 Aug 2000 09:48:50 EDT

Me poersonally, I think I'm biased cuz I actually like the Sazabi. I mean I know theres lots of room for improvement, but I applaude bandai for actually even engineering this model. i mean in these days of Bandai mold recyvling, it was highly unlikely for Bandai to make a suit where there can be no recycling done. And I think that people have to try to understand that we're not only paying for large chunks of plastic, but we're also paying for bandai engineering to make this model. I mean, Bandai doesn't want to lose money and they can't recycle their mold, so ofcourse Bandai wants to make some $$$. And up north in SF, I was at newtype hobbies to get mine and he was selling many many sazabis. he was even telling me that htere were a large group of people calling him everyday to find out when it came in. Anyways, just my two cents.

Matt Pau

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