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> My instructions show that the ZZ head fits under the skirt as an
> alternate option to the long fuel tank. Very very bizarre.

That is odd, I have never seen that before that I remember. Of course
I am sure my instructions must have had the same thing, I just don't
remember it.

> Does any line art exist for these designs at all? I know Kondoh's
> newer ones such as in Revival of Zeon do, but I've never seen any
> for the older ones apart from the manga itself.

Yes there is quite a bit of line art in Kobayashi's several books,
and most of these kits, and often their accompanying line art, were
covered in Hobby Japan when they first came out.

> Didn't Hobby Japan run a series on this line many years back? I
> seem to recall something called 'Another war in UC ???'.

There were several spreads in old HJs centering around both
Kobayashi's and Kondo's work. The longest running of the features was
probably Advanced Shape By Kobayashi.

> All sadly OOP now. Someone really should put together a web page on
> them. Do the crossover notebooks feature ALL the kits in this line?

Quite a few of Kondo's designs made it to kit form, but I don't think
all of them did. I always mean to put up a nice Kobayashi sight, but
seeing as how I get paid to make web pages, I often would rather
spend my free time building kits.

> What's Dragon's Heaven?

Dragon's Heaven is a Manga, and Anime OVA done by Kobayashi using
several of his original designs and centering around a woman named
Icool, who befriends a sentient robot named Shaian, who has a
conflict with another sentient robot named Elmedine.

> I've never heard of these:
> Jaguar II

Hard to describe... somewhere between the Barzam and the O

> Shreck/Faust Gustav

Kondo's souped up Z Gundam... Looks kind of like the ReGZ

> Buran
A big honking Mobile Armor that looks like a drastically updated

> Yes, it's a recast.
> Many years ago they also had the Goblin, Gelb, Sturm Jaeger and
> G-Commander here. I really really regret not getting them now.

Those are nice kits. I try not to buy recasts, but if you come across
any of the others on the earlier list at this shop, please let me
know. BTW, do they still have any Bound Docs, and if so how much do
they want, and how is the cast quality? I mean I already have one...
but damnit, You can never have too many Bound Docs!

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