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>I built my Gampf quite a long time ago (in fact when it was first
>released), and I do not have the instructions around any more, but I
>always thought that ZZ head was just an add-in, for people who wanted
>to make a 1:144 Kobayashi version ZZ. None of the Bound Doc/Gampf
>illustrations show that head on the suit anywhere.

My instructions show that the ZZ head fits under the skirt as an alternate
option to the long fuel tank. Very very bizarre.

Does any line art exist for these designs at all? I know Kondoh's newer ones
such as in Revival of Zeon do, but I've never seen any for the older ones
apart from the manga itself.

>This line of kits was comprised of both Kondo's and Kobayashi's work,
>so the Goblin in the instruction manual probably is Kondo's Goblin.
>Kotobukiya made Goblin kits in both 1:220 and 1:100. As far as

Didn't Hobby Japan run a series on this line many years back? I seem to
recall something called 'Another war in UC ???'.

>Marasai, all of which had kits from Kotobukiya. Other side story
>Gundam designs that were also made into Kotobukiya kits include the

All sadly OOP now. Someone really should put together a web page on them. Do
the crossover notebooks feature ALL the kits in this line?

>Super ZZ, and the Neo-Geo. They also put out a group kit of Shaian,
>Elmedine and Icool from Dragon's Heaven.

What's Dragon's Heaven?

>The Kondo side of that set of kits includes the Goblin, Jaguar II,
>Buran, Breda, Gelub, Faust Gustav, Schreck Gustav, Sturm Jager,
>G-Commander, G-3, Gera Doga, and Ground type Sazabi.

I've never heard of these:

Jaguar II
Shreck/Faust Gustav

Could someone elaborate on what they look like?

>BTW, is this a recast? If not, mind if I ask where you came across
>this little gem?

Yes, it's a recast.
Many years ago they also had the Goblin, Gelb, Sturm Jaeger and G-Commander
here. I really really regret not getting them now.

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