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>Subject: [gundam] G Gundam is damned cool
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>Rawk :P
>I can now say I've seen at least a little bit of every alternate universe
>story, and almost every Gundam series in general, too. Only things I
>been exposed to are F-91 and Victory.
>But back to the point, I watched the first two episodes of G Gundam
>and it really blew away my preconceptions. I was expecting it to be
>hokey/silly enjoyable, but it actually turned out to fairly engrossing, and
>didn't really go as far out as I expected. Admittedly, two episodes isn't a
>large sample space, but I enjoyed these two more than the first two of Wing
>or X, and I'd put it right on par with Turn A in terms of series
>I-really-really-wanna-finish-watching. The animation is better than I
>expected, I like the character designs, and somehow the mobile suit designs
>don't seem quite so silly when you see them in motion. Another bonus is
>yet to see a character who I truly disliked (see: Wing->Heero/Relena,
>X->Tifa/Jamil, 0083->Kou) and so far thats been a reasonably good indicator
>as to the degreee i'm going to like a series.
I tried to tell you all, but noooooo...
I guess one has to actually see something for themselves before they can
decide if it's good or bad. I like them all, don't mistake me. It's a whole
lot of fun to watch. Just wait till the parts where Tohou Fuhai does his
>One question (not really a spoiler) relates to Neo-America's Gundam. I seem
>to remember a similar thread on the GML a long while ago, but are we sure
>its the "Gundam Maxter"? I saw it fansubbed as "MacStar" and when you hear
>people say the name, there's a perceptible pause between the two syllables,
>not something you'd expect from Maxter. Add on the fact that MacStar
>actually seems like a fairly reasonable name for an American Gundam, it
>almost has me convinced.
It's Maxter, according to all the games/models/infomation I've seen of it,
and Chibodee Crockett is my favourite kid in the show.
>My verdict is G Gundam has a bad rap, and only time (and me finishing
>watching both series) will tell whether Turn A or G ends up being the best
>of the four alternate universes.
I suppose that nobody understands the underlying theme of it, as the Gundam
being a typecasted exaggeration of that country. It's got a name to it, if
only I can remember what.. Other than that, it's the story of how peace will
prevail if we all put aside our differences, and let Japan do the work.
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