Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 30 Aug 2000 00:16:27 -0700

>Rawk :P
>I can now say I've seen at least a little bit of every alternate universe
>story, and almost every Gundam series in general, too. Only things I haven't
>been exposed to are F-91 and Victory.

And they happen to be the better Gundam shows to come out in the 90s,
Tomino-directed or not.

>One question (not really a spoiler) relates to Neo-America's Gundam. I seem
>to remember a similar thread on the GML a long while ago, but are we sure
>its the "Gundam Maxter"? I saw it fansubbed as "MacStar" and when you hear
>people say the name, there's a perceptible pause between the two syllables,
>not something you'd expect from Maxter. Add on the fact that MacStar
>actually seems like a fairly reasonable name for an American Gundam, it
>almost has me convinced.

Nah, it's just the Japanese accent playing tricks on your ears.


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