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--- Alfred Urrutia <> wrote:

> Can't argue with that. Mariah Carey, what a waste
> that would be.

case closed. :)

> Well, I won't go into mine down that road but they
> involve some of the
> Playmates I've met. No anime themes in sight, you
> see.



> > i still can't make up my mind about phantom menace
> > animated droids, though.
> >
> Sucks? That's what my mind said. Bad design (looks
> like the Sony dog
> robot) and lame animation.

come to think of it...a lot of the mechanical designs
for phantom menace kinda suck. they was weird, in
typical george lucas star wars fashion...but more of
weird-ugh-blah-whatever (the race pods - yuck) unlike
the weird-cool of bobba fett's ship, or millenium

one of the droids in phantom menace kinda reminded me
of a few mechs in turn A gundam, actually. :P not a
funny connection, imo.

> >
> > how's g-savior? anyone watched it yet?
> >
> I want to see that just based on the Hobby Japan
> articles on the bible
> models.
> >

i dunno what version i saw, but the fully armored
version of g-savior looked kinda decent. as opposed
to the very first g-savior i saw...the one with skinny
arms and wide hips and a chest that looked like it had
female breasts sliced off of them.

> > well, if they did it like an animated version of
> > katoki's gundam fix artwork, i'd be impressed.
> >
> > :)
> >
> You're a mindreader. I was just flipping through
> that today. The pics
> of the F-91 on a launch cat,

that seems to be a lot of people's fave. :)

> the Gaia Gear standing
> next to the tree,
> the two Z-plus ships going full vertical through the
> clouds...

one of my personal favorites.

along with the gundam in the flower field (the one
that looks like a v2 gundam, piloted by bright
hathaway...can't pronounce it) -- nothing like a war
machine in a flower bed.

and the upshot of the floating FAZZ. damn, that's a
man's gun.

slowly building his FAZZ 8-)

*dangles his FAZZ kit in front of richie*

richie, y'know that rick dias won't satisfy you for long...ladeeda...

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