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Richie Ramos wrote:

> hmmm. Psych criticism renders the first half of the last sentence
> impossible, but never mind. I think it depends on treatment. The Yamato
> is also considered a war memorial of sorts. it's just that it's under a
> few thousand tons of seawater. I think the question here is how is it
> going to be used in the film. The Yamato has always been treated with
> respect by Leiji Matsumoto, so he doesn't get any flak for it.

Ya, I never got the idea that the series was created without respect, like for
money. I'm sure *all* the sunken ships from WWII hold some special place for
the countries they served. I'm only really aware of the Arizona and the Utah
as visitable memorials to the lost sailors. I can guarantee you that Disney
would screw it up whether they used the Yamato or the Arizona.


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