Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Tue, 29 Aug 2000 20:57:40 -0700

>For $100.00, I would go out and buy two more MG RX-79(G) and a RX-78 Version

Those are still doing fairly well on eBay, everytime I see them they end
at about 1/3 over their yen price or more.

>Then I would still have money left for paint. Trust me, MG Sazabi is
>overpriced and achieved very little.

I don't doubt that, I was way underwhelmed when I got mine. The box is
very pretty though, LOL.

>I know because I helped my friend
>building his. There are way too little details and textures on the surface
>of the armor.

I got the same complaint. It felt like an oversized version of the original
1/144, at least detail-wise. Bandai's gone crazy with all the interior
"frame" details and forgot what made MG kits so cool in the first place
- awesome panel lines that didn't exist in the original design, giving
it a contemporary look and breathing life into an old design.

>For $100, I would expect a little bit more on the outside, not
>just inside. In technical terms, even the GP01 is better designed than
>Sazabi. This is truly a case of "Size doesn't matter" and "look isn't
>Save your money for FAZZ instead, or maybe a Sazabi ver. 1.5? (LOL)

I'm saving for the MG Gouf. Am gonna get quite a few of this bad boy!


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