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Tue, 29 Aug 2000 19:14:41 -0700

>In a message dated 8/29/00 11:34:43 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
>zhaopan@hotmail.com writes:
>> After the dissapointing Sazabi, I don't think Bandai will release
>> another expensive MG in the near future.
>did the sazabi bomb? I know all kinds of people on the list were waiting for
>it.. is it selling badly?

I think it's doing less than $100 on eBay, and the kit is barely out for
a month. Back when the PG kits came out they all did much better for a
while. I can also get them locally for under yen price at 100 yen = $1.00,
that probably tells you how in demand the kit is.

He was probably also referring to all the problems that came out when
people start building the actual kit and had first hand experience rather
than just judging the kit based on its looks.


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