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garrick lee wrote:

> and seeing mariah carey's name *boo hiss* plastered on
> the same sentence with macross *bows and scrapes* just
> about short circuited my neurons.

Can't argue with that. Mariah Carey, what a waste that would be.

> yeah, me too. point taken. :)
> my fantasies also included getting the idol singer and
> having another woman chasing after me, besides. :]

Well, I won't go into mine down that road but they involve some of the
Playmates I've met. No anime themes in sight, you see.

> well...the last mechanized thing i've seen on the
> movie,...robocop 1 and 2. i sort of like the
> way they did robocop's glaug-like enemy.
> ok, that's a long time ago. you can tell i don't like
> silver screen all that much.
> but if they do something as real and "weighty" as the
> robocop droid -- as opposed to uberfluid animation
> like "dinosaur" -- i suppose it'd be good. but
> robocop wasn't cgi.

No, it was stop motion. No motion blur, really hurts the look.
"Dinosaur" was Disney animation. It's not animal animation or anything
other than Disney animation. And you're right, I'd hate to see that in

> i still can't make up my mind about phantom menace
> animated droids, though.

Sucks? That's what my mind said. Bad design (looks like the Sony dog
robot) and lame animation.

> how's g-savior? anyone watched it yet?

I want to see that just based on the Hobby Japan articles on the bible

> well, if they did it like an animated version of
> katoki's gundam fix artwork, i'd be impressed.
> :)

You're a mindreader. I was just flipping through that today. The pics
of the F-91 on a launch cat, the Gaia Gear standing next to the tree,
the two Z-plus ships going full vertical through the clouds... I want
someone to build a working ZZ Gundam already!!


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