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How odd-sounding! I can't imagine a three piece model. Or maybe I'm just
thick headed, and you're sarcastic. Won't you scan a pic of it for us?

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> Yhere have been but they are limited models. I heard somewhere that thew
> aren't that good.

I just assembled mine last night! (after being stocked in my shelves for

assemply is really, really simple, if you think First Grades are simple to
assemble, well, you can ask your 6 month old baby to build this one. there
are less than 3 pieces and posability is limited, the thing is so small (of
course I left it standing beside 2 1/100 Silhouette Formula kits, the RXF-91
Kai and Hardy Gun, 3 CCA 1/144 kits, the Jagd Doga, Sazabi, and Nu, and the
FG RX-78). it's so small it could fit inside the 1/144 Sazabi.

I wouldn't say that it isn't good, unless you are really looking for
posability. oh, and there's only one kind and they just give the color
schemes for the space type (no desert color scheme on the manual) but they
don't provide the backpack for the space type, so I guess that part sucks.
and I think the gun is too big, it's about 3/4 the height of the Leo.

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