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Edward Ju wrote:

> LOL, I agree 100%. The budget size of Pearl Harbor *really* worries me,
> after seeing the extremely fake looking Zeros in the trailer and all the
> slo-mo footage of the cast. Michael Bay should be thrown back to the
> days of guerilla filmmaking when he made Bad Boys on a shoestring budget.
> Eddie

No shit, brother (clinks beer glass with yours). How many feature length
BMW/AT&T/Visa commercials is that hack going to make? The zero that passes over
the kids' heads as they're playing baseball or whatever, not so bad. But then the
camera follows it as it keeps going and is joined by about 50 other zeroes and it
turns into a scene from "ID4". And he thinks he can match or outdo "Tora Tora
Tora". He's insane. And talentless.

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