Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Tue, 29 Aug 2000 13:23:08 -0700

>Sure sure, the aliens and idol singer couldn't possibly hinder the
>suspension of *dis*belief anymore than a transforming valkerie. And both
>the test craft transform, too, one looking sort of like a beefed up X-29
>and the other like the YF-23 that lost the bid for new fighter to the
>F-22. My point about which film would be better was based more on the idea
>that a movie about an invading alien armada and mysterious alien artifact
>that is used to defend the Earth would somehow play better than a movie
>about two mecha test pilots fighting over a girl.

Not to mention an artificial idol singer that mesmerizes the masses!

>When the movie "Pearl
>Harbor" comes out next year you'll see what I mean about that kind of love
>triangle cheese.

LOL, I agree 100%. The budget size of Pearl Harbor *really* worries me,
after seeing the extremely fake looking Zeros in the trailer and all the
slo-mo footage of the cast. Michael Bay should be thrown back to the
days of guerilla filmmaking when he made Bad Boys on a shoestring budget.


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