Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Tue, 29 Aug 2000 13:13:01 -0700

>Zaku III would be HUGE, considering the size of the 1/144.

Hasn't stopped Bandai from putting out a MG Sazabi, which is even bigger.

>Anyway, I think a lot of people want to see an MG of Nu Gundam to complement
>the Sazabi. Also, as we've seen with Ranba Ral's Zaku I and the limited
>edition Casval's Gundam, not to mention the Sentinel rifle on the FAZZ,
>Bandai is willing to make MGs out of designs that were not in the anime.

They need to do more MSVs with more variations... these cheap mold recycles
just plain suck. When are we going to see some real Zaku variants like the
Desert Zaku or Zaku Cannon? Since they're on a videogame binge with
Giren's Greed, where's the High Mobility Gyan and Gyan Cannon?

>MG seems to focus on the Gundams, GMs, Zakus and other popular Zeon MS,as
>well as some MSV, and not some of the more obscure designs.

Would you call the GM Quel a popular design, though? That thing got a total
of 3 seconds of screen time. How about all the MS-05 Zaku I variants? I
think MG releases are more predicated on the ability to recycle a mold to
death than anything else. For each unique design like the GP-02A or Zeta
we must endure at least a half dozen recycled releases.

>Given the trend
>in Master Grade so far, I'm placing bets on the next Zeon MG announced to be
>the Kampfer. It's got all the essential elements for a great Master Grade
>kit. The Alex needs something to fight, after all.

I think it should take a number and get in line. The MG Zeta has been out
for years and still has no one to fight. Same goes for the Mk-II/Super

>So to sum it all up, my quess is next Fed(Or rather Londo Bell) MG:Nu
>Gundam, next Zeon MG:Kampfer.
>I'm quessing that we also might see kits from CCA join the HGUC line-up
>soon. They've covered a good chunk of the second-fiddle suits from the
>UC.0079-UC 0089 era, so I think it's time to move on to 0092.

Not really. It looks like they are beginning to cover the grounds of
Zeta and ZZ and it will take a few years before they drain that well.

>And as for F91 and V Gundam, I'm quessing we might see an MG F91 in the

Might as well go PG given their relatively small size... I can't imagine
these being in 1/100 scale and having the kind of details MGs require.

>And the addition of Wing Zero to the PG line-which so far covered
>only UC mechs up to this point-might indicate that Bandai might be willing
>to make MGs out of the alternate universe mechs as well.

Given the details that'd be required, I think these smaller designs
simply need a PG size to be given the right treatment.


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