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Paul Fields wrote:

> Excuse me?
> Gundam Wing looks 10 times less "realistic" than 0083, and although

Ugh, forgot about that. Didn't really watch Wing, you're right.

> 08th MS team is now one of my favorite series the characters still look
> like they came right out of Wing or Tenchi Muyo(sp?) according to my
> cel painting instructor nobody does the really human looking and realistic
> characters because its easier for in-betweeners to do facial expressions
> without great detail, its much easier to do Heero, than South Burning or
> even Kou Uraki...

I was thinking more OVA and movies since they're closer to live action movies
than TV series.

> As far as mechanical stuff goes, there are still original Macross scenes I
> like better than the Macross Plus ones like Max and Miria fighting in the

Me too, both the movie and the TV series.

> movie than the end fight sequence of Macross Plus. Whereas CCA and
> Five Star Stories were probably more mechanically developed than many
> of the shows out there now, Endless Waltz, and Tenchi Universe seem to
> be the exception today, not the rule...

Like others have said, the ratio of well-done anime to crap anime is quite
low. I was thinking of the best, though. The best now are far better,
animation and detail wise, than 10 years ago. I was also thinking of the
best possible outcome for a live action adaptation. Great live action movies
probably share the same ratio as anime when you look at all the worthless
movies that have been made, too. I try not to dwell on the shitty movies,

> I wonder if that's what they thought when they were filming Godzilla, and
> Mission to Mars... this is gonna be a big hit, were gonna have sequels...
> But what if its an embarassing eyesore? Aw come-on would producers
> give us money for that...

Oh, they thought they had a hit on their hands, both times. What I was
saying was that the people who came up with that top 10 list were probably
assuming that the movie would be worth watching at the end. At least I felt
that when I read it and thought about a live action Macross or Gundam. Many
movies now are greenlit without a finished script. How good could they look
at that point? But studios try to ride the bandwagon, any bandwagon, so as
soon as something seems like a winner they're all over it. Just don't ever
give Roland and Dean any money to make another crap movie and you'll knock
out a lot of horrible summer "blockbusters" that might get made. I want to
see a live action valkyrie/glaug fight, a live action gundam/zaku fight in a
space colony. But only if it's done well. Otherwise the pain would be too


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