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> And also, I don't know about any of you, but *my* fanatasies about
> that happening are never cel animated, get it? It's a "real" Space
> Battleship bridge, it's a real cat launch in a VF-1A, it's a real street
> and a real mobile suit stomping by, I'm wearing a real flight suit or
> uniform, etc. I'd love to see that done right. I've seen it done in
> animation, I know it can be done and I know how cool it looks that
> way. Have you noticed that anime has gotten more and more realisitic

Excuse me?

Gundam Wing looks 10 times less "realistic" than 0083, and although
08th MS team is now one of my favorite series the characters still look
like they came right out of Wing or Tenchi Muyo(sp?) according to my
cel painting instructor nobody does the really human looking and realistic
characters because its easier for in-betweeners to do facial expressions
without great detail, its much easier to do Heero, than South Burning or
even Kou Uraki...

As far as mechanical stuff goes, there are still original Macross scenes I
like better than the Macross Plus ones like Max and Miria fighting in the
movie than the end fight sequence of Macross Plus. Whereas CCA and
Five Star Stories were probably more mechanically developed than many
of the shows out there now, Endless Waltz, and Tenchi Universe seem to
be the exception today, not the rule...

> Where are the new mech series with *less* frames per second, with
> *less* detail in the machines and character designs, huh? I'm sure that
> top 10 list assumed that the end result wouldn't be an embarrassing

I wonder if that's what they thought when they were filming Godzilla, and
Mission to Mars... this is gonna be a big hit, were gonna have sequels...
But what if its an embarassing eyesore? Aw come-on would producers
give us money for that...


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