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Yves Sakai wrote:

> Haven't read the article yet, but...
> Well, maybe it's easier to imagine, but that doesn't make it a better
> film. In a way, seeing a F-14 transform may hinder the suspension of
> belief (beacause we are so familiar with the craft) more than two
> spaceship-like high tech vehicles.

Sure sure, the aliens and idol singer couldn't possibly hinder the
suspension of *dis*belief anymore than a transforming valkerie. And both
the test craft transform, too, one looking sort of like a beefed up X-29
and the other like the YF-23 that lost the bid for new fighter to the
F-22. My point about which film would be better was based more on the idea
that a movie about an invading alien armada and mysterious alien artifact
that is used to defend the Earth would somehow play better than a movie
about two mecha test pilots fighting over a girl. When the movie "Pearl
Harbor" comes out next year you'll see what I mean about that kind of love
triangle cheese.

> While I would prefer to see the Yamato, please do not show disrespect to
> the Arizona.

Although I can show disrespect towards anything I want, I wasn't showing
disrespect to the Arizona, I was being irritated by the idea, still, that
Disney would change the ships to make it more "American" or something,
especially considering that the Arizona is a war memorial and it would be a
lot harder to explain to the families of the dead how they went about
clearing out the corpses. The Yamato, as far as I know, isn't a memorial
so moving those dead sailors could be a little more accepted.

Please do not read into what I write, just read what I write.


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