Tue, 29 Aug 2000 14:38:16 EDT

MGs I'd love to see!

1. MG Nu Gundam - this bad boy deserves to see plastic, but be prepared to pay a lot. not only will this guy be big, but Bandai won't be able to recycle the mold, so it'll cost a lot just to pay for the engineering.

2. MG GP03 - this is one of the last gundams left to be made in the UC continuity.

3. MG Kempher - I'd love to see this MS done up MG style.

4. MG Geara Doga - I just love grunt zeon MS


HGUCs I'd like to see

1. Zeong - what can I say, I love wacky zeon OYW MS

2. Cima's Gelgoog - this is my favorite Gelgoog version except for the color scheme.

3. Psycho Gundam mkII - yeah..i know that it would be HUGE, but I love this MS

4. Hamma Hamma - I just like this guy a lot

5. The-O - Bandais gotta make this eventually

6. Xammel - I fell in love with tis suit ever since I saw 0083.

7. 0080 GM Sniper - My fav GM of all time.

8. 0083 Dom Tropen - The DOMs my fav suit and I love all variations of it, this is probably one of my favs.

What I think we're gonna see next.

1. MG 08ms GM, GM Sniper and maybe the blue destiny - these all share the same mold as the rx-79 gundam and would cost bandai very little.

2. HGUC Marasai - I dunno, I just have a feeling we're gonna see this soon

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