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Tue, 29 Aug 2000 08:34:16 -1000

Haven't read the article yet, but...

On Mon, 28 Aug 2000, Alfred Urrutia wrote:

> Winn Sevilla wrote:
> > check this out...
> > http://movies.ign.com/news/3063.html
> > now what's your choice of an anime made into a movie?
> They nailed it, although I disagree about Macross Plus translating
> easier. I'd rather see F-14 style ships launching off an aircraft
> carrier (or ARMD pad) than two test ships battling.

Well, maybe it's easier to imagine, but that doesn't make it a better
film. In a way, seeing a F-14 transform may hinder the suspension of
belief (beacause we are so familiar with the craft) more than two
spaceship-like high tech vehicles.

> My only additions
> would be Spriggan and Space Battleship Yamato (with the *Yamato*, not
> the fucking Arizona).

While I would prefer to see the Yamato, please do not show disrespect to
the Arizona.

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