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garrick lee wrote:

> anyway...what's wrong with anime on cel?

Who said there was anything wrong with it? It was a list of the top 10
movies that should've been made into live action movies. That just
means people would love to see them filmed live action, that's all.

> what is so undeniably good about live-action films
> that anime has to be "upgraded"? it's all good as it
> is. we get less talentless pretty faces hamming it up
> on cel.

Of course if everybody concentrates on how horribly a live action movie
can be done (comments about low budgets, plastic tentacles, Guyver,
etc.) then, ya, what's the point? That list said nothing about the top
10 movies that should be butchered with a bad live action cast and no
money for effects. I don't know about you but since I was a kid I've
thought about how cool it would be to be aboard the Yamato or flying a
Valkyrie or seeing a GM walk down my street. And also, I don't know
about any of you, but *my* fanatasies about that happening are never cel
animated, get it? It's a "real" Space Battleship bridge, it's a real
cat launch in a VF-1A, it's a real street and a real mobile suit
stomping by, I'm wearing a real flight suit or uniform, etc. I'd love
to see that done right. I've seen it done in animation, I know it can
be done and I know how cool it looks that way. Have you noticed that
anime has gotten more and more realisitic looking? More believable
human movements, more detail in the background paintings, realisitic
colors and mechanisms? What does that tell you, that they *don't* try
to look as real as possible? Where are the new mech series with *less*
frames per second, with *less* detail in the machines and character
designs, huh? I'm sure that top 10 list assumed that the end result
wouldn't be an embarrassing eyesore.


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