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Well, there will be a movie coming out soon, but it will be animated. Given
the extremely high animation quality of most of the TV series, I can't wait
to see what it will look like. The movie apparentally takes place between
two of the TV episodes.

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<< That's the beauty of Cowboy Bebop,the series is so episodic,you can
 make a movie. With that type of nature,they can make some up some story for
 the movie,and shove it into the series without a hitch.

they could probably base the entire movie off episode five, what with the
sephiroth-lookin dude with sword, the mysterious girl in flashbacks, and the
as of yet mysterious past of the main character. Ive only seen up to episode
six...and for some reason, that *immortal* kid reminded me of the psychic
from Spriggan...

I better stop before i go *too* OT ^_^


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