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Edward Ju wrote:
> >Thats something i've wondered as well. All i've seen were several gundam
> >manga/artbooks that showcase the aqua gms in action only to get blown to bits
> >by one hygog. I'd like to see someone expand on the idea of Fed msm.
> >
> >
> >Pierce
> They had to be blown to bits, otherwise these Fed aqua suits will wreck
> havoc with the established continuity.
> Kind of ironic how the spacenoids knew to make environment-specific suits
> while the EARTH Federation have no amphibious suits at all...
> Eddie
well consider this.. the Earth Federation was on the attack (at least in
the later stages of the ORW) from Earth to SPACE.. so amphibious MS
would be an un-needed extravegance in the Feddie arsenal.. while the
Aeons were attacking from Space to EARTH so since so much of Earth was
covered in Water Mobile Suits designed to take advantage of this terrain
feature would almost be a nessecity


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