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Tue, 29 Aug 2000 01:03:31 -0700

>> 2. Vinyl kits? As in the material records and lawn chairs are made of?
>> Pros/cons?
>Essentially, I don't know much about the stuff they cast them in (I think
>it's generally PVC, the same stuff that white piping under your sink is made
>of). I've never built any, but there are a lot of really nice looking kits.
>Pros: the sculpt is likely to be better looking than a regular plastic kit,
>and you'll find some subjects and scales not available as injection molded
>Cons: the vinyl can get floppy, particularly in hotter areas.

Exactly, they also tend to warp if the parts aren't well packaged during
shipping or goes through extreme differences in temperature.

>They are also
>normally fixed pose kits, and can be more difficult to work with and paint
>(or so I'm told). Some paints will damage the vinyl.

Cutting the excess off vinyl parts can be a bitch - some of them, like
the B-Club 0080 ones, came with vinyl parts so hard you can slice your
finger off if you are not careful with that knife. I think some vinyl
kits can be harder to build than nice resin kits.

>> 37. Resin? As in the clear, hard stuff you run your bow through before
>> play a stringed instrument? Pros/Cons?
>No, that's rosin. :) Resin kits are normally cast in polyurethane (good) or
>polyester (bad taiwan recast, brittle) resin.

Even the "white" recasts have bad ones - those with fiberplastic contents
tend to shatter when dropped.

>The closest thing you may
>have worked with would be epoxy glues, which are actually epoxy resins.
>Basically they get some plastic goo, mix in the right catalyst, and pour it
>in the mold. Chemical reaction hardens the resin. Polyester resins are
>also used for making fiberglass, you'd recognize the smell from boats or
>camaros. They are generally solid parts, and as such are pretty heavy
>(which is good and bad). They're often fixed pose as well, since the weight
>resin tends to wear out polycaps (or is just too heavy to be supported by
>the pvc of the polycaps).

That doesn't stop B-Club from issuing tons of "Full Action" resin kits,
though I suspect they consider it a "feature" for people who can pose
their resin kit to their liking before gluing down all the joints.


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