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> > Actually, it works exactly the opposite. Heat is generated by
> > resistance, so the better the conductor, the less heat is shed from
> > electricity passing through it. What you would need is a substance
> > that has a high resistance, and can sustain tremendous heat. Carbon
> > seems like a good candidate for both of these criteria.
> True, but this presumes that you're using electricity generated by the fusion
> reactor to generate the heat, not tapping the heat of the fusion reactor
> directly. I've always assumed a direct heat transfer, mainly because it was so
> much more, well, direct.
i for one couldn't see a direct-heat transfer in an MS weapon.. for one
thing it would have to be insulated out the wazoo in order not to melt
down the arm the heat would hve to travel thoruhg, and then how would
the heat get to the weapon? ther are no cables or connectors i cna see
and direct conductor plates would leave the fingers and other parts
vulnerable ot that intense heat if direct cocntact slipped for only an
instant.. electricity on he other hand wouldn't have all thos e problems
just channel enough power and then let the weapon itself do all the work
of converting it into heat..

> It's always been noted that the fusion reactor supplies electrical power for the
> MS in addition to direct heat application to the propellant for the rockets, but
> I don't recall seeing the mechanism for that every being laid out anywhere. Is
> there a steam turbine somewhere in there or is it a yet-to-be-invented array of
> thermoelectric cells?

i would think thermoelectric conversion.. a steam turbine would be too
bulky an apparatus for a mobile suit ot carry and maintain i think

> Steampunk Gundam, anyone?
none for me thanks, FOX Kids would just screw it up like they did
Escaflowne (i found it painfull to watch and i didn't even have the
fan-subs or anything to compare it to.. ugh)

> If resistance is feudal, then impedance must be Victorian!
reminds me of a popular ST: TNG phrase spoofed by a quiet out of the way
fandom even more strange than Otaku.. more on that below ;)
> I think I've been up too long....
of course you have, but wasn't it Fun? ^_^
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