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Not a bad list, I guess. The guy understood what a Gundam movie would need
to be for it to work, and I agree Macross is as good a license as any to use
for a live action movie, but ... Mariah Carey scoring it? Mmmm .... no. Yoko
Kanno is the only real choice here, anything less would be a disservice.
Patlabor is something that could go either way, and either be really cool,
or a huge, huge huge bomb, but it would take a lot of work to make it work.
Urotsokudoji(sp?), Ninja Scroll/Ressurection/Akira are all horrible choices,
IMHO, since they all the sort of anime that led to the all anime ==
hentai/tentacle rape pr0n misunderstanding the average layman has. Ranma 1/2
and Ah! Megami-sama wouldn't translate well at all, and ghost in the shell
would probably end up as a lame Matrix wannabe. Cowboy Bebop _might_ be
cool, but it too would need solid scriptwriting and good actors.
The biggest problem they all face is the fact that most of them are TV
series', and trying to adapt a TV series to movie length rarely works (think
the Escaflowne movie). You'd need a universe where you could tell a side
story without requiring too much explanation and exposition. Gundam would
easily fit the bill, but we might end up with another G-Savior (which, while
probably decent, has no chance of being a blockbuster), and Macross would
work, but they'd both need to be character stories. Not enough time for a
huge sweeping war, and a huge cast of characters (again, note Esca movie:
too many background characters got cameos that did nothing for the story)
only bogs things down. You'd need something along the lines of Macross Plus
or 08th MS Team/0080 in terms of scope.

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