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> no, i do believe i heard the word ceramic used to describe the
> material.. they can make that stuff suprisingly strong, but i guess
> people can't help pigeon-holeing it as fragile and thinking "ceramic =
> what grandma's flower-pot is made out of"

A ceramic is any material made by fusing nonmetallic minerals, which covers
everything from brick to porcelain. Most are silicates. Glass is technically a
ceramic, except that it's amorphous (i.e., fluid, although it flows at a very
slow rate) and results from melting rather than fusing, cooling to rigidity
without crystallization. Most ceramics are brittle compared to metals, but
cermets (ceramic metal composites) have the hardness of ceramic and the
resilience of metal. Tungsten carbide is a favored cermet in the manufacture of
combat knives.


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