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> Actually, it works exactly the opposite. Heat is generated by
> resistance, so the better the conductor, the less heat is shed from
> electricity passing through it. What you would need is a substance
> that has a high resistance, and can sustain tremendous heat. Carbon
> seems like a good candidate for both of these criteria.

True, but this presumes that you're using electricity generated by the fusion
reactor to generate the heat, not tapping the heat of the fusion reactor
directly. I've always assumed a direct heat transfer, mainly because it was so
much more, well, direct.

It's always been noted that the fusion reactor supplies electrical power for the
MS in addition to direct heat application to the propellant for the rockets, but
I don't recall seeing the mechanism for that every being laid out anywhere. Is
there a steam turbine somewhere in there or is it a yet-to-be-invented array of
thermoelectric cells?

Steampunk Gundam, anyone?

If resistance is feudal, then impedance must be Victorian!

I think I've been up too long....


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