Mon, 28 Aug 2000 22:41:27 EDT

  I received the MSiA Zeta Gundam in the mail last weekend and I really like
it. Everything about it's really nice and it's one of the sturdiest MSiA's so
far. It seems more durable then the older MSiAs, though my USA releases of
the Heavyarms and Deathscythe are more so.

  The Wing's and tailfin are a joke! They will not stay on if the figure's
touched, even just for poses. I mean, there's better ways to affix these
things to a robot figure. Everything should have been once piece, that hooks
tightly into the robots back and the tailfin itself, not the part it hooks
to, can be left as is, because the tailfin does stay hooked to that back pack
unit, the back pack unit doesn't stay on the robot well.

  Is there any way to correct this/make the part's stay on? Please no
debates, as a few here seem to despise this figure. I just want to know if
there's a way to fix or lessen this problem?? I've been messing with it off
and on for day's, trying to think of some way to fix this. I am thinking of
getting little nails or something to fix this problem. I tried Testor's model
glue and it doesn't even faze the material these MSiA's are made of. It
doesn't even melt the plastic, it's like using Elmer's Glue on plastic, it
just dries and flakes off, with no paint damage or damage to the figure
itself. Any suggestion's, tips, will be greatly appreciated on how to fix or
lessen this problem.

  Other then that, I have no problems with this at all. It's one nice figure.
I can, with a little posing, even get it to stand with it's huge bazooka.



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