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Actually, it works exactly the opposite. Heat is generated by
resistance, so the better the conductor, the less heat is shed from
electricity passing through it. What you would need is a substance
that has a high resistance, and can sustain tremendous heat. Carbon
seems like a good candidate for both of these criteria.

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> >It's probably not a metal at all, but a ceramic or >cermet. The
> >best
> material we
> >have now would be reinforced carbon-carbon (RCC), >which is used
> >for the
> nose of
> >the space shuttle. Tungsten carbide might also work.
> I would think that ceramics would be far too brittle to use as a
> weapon. It would shatter as soon as you hit something with it...
> Something you have to consider is the electrical conductivity of
> the material. Carbon doesn't conduct very well, and wouldn't heat
> up when electrical current is applied. Someone mentioned a coating
> of some sort, which could conduct - thus heating the carbon...

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