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> 2. Vinyl kits? As in the material records and lawn chairs are made of?
> Pros/cons?

Essentially, I don't know much about the stuff they cast them in (I think
it's generally PVC, the same stuff that white piping under your sink is made
of). I've never built any, but there are a lot of really nice looking kits.

Pros: the sculpt is likely to be better looking than a regular plastic kit,
and you'll find some subjects and scales not available as injection molded

Cons: the vinyl can get floppy, particularly in hotter areas. They are also
normally fixed pose kits, and can be more difficult to work with and paint
(or so I'm told). Some paints will damage the vinyl.

> 37. Resin? As in the clear, hard stuff you run your bow through before
> play a stringed instrument? Pros/Cons?

No, that's rosin. :) Resin kits are normally cast in polyurethane (good) or
polyester (bad taiwan recast, brittle) resin. The closest thing you may
have worked with would be epoxy glues, which are actually epoxy resins.
Basically they get some plastic goo, mix in the right catalyst, and pour it
in the mold. Chemical reaction hardens the resin. Polyester resins are
also used for making fiberglass, you'd recognize the smell from boats or
camaros. They are generally solid parts, and as such are pretty heavy
(which is good and bad). They're often fixed pose as well, since the weight
resin tends to wear out polycaps (or is just too heavy to be supported by
the pvc of the polycaps).

Pros: Tons of really rad subjects, nearly always a better looking sculpt
than injection kits. I like the weight of a resin model, it seems more like
a proper statue than a regular kit.

Cons: Very expensive, resin can be difficult to work with, usually requires
drilling and some scratchbuilding skills. Personally, I love resin kits.
Watch out for recasts! (unless it's something no longer in production, in
which case I say go for it, but stay away from polyester stuff from taiwan,
the resin can be horribly brittle and hard to work with! your knife will
just chip it :P).

If you're into either of these mediums, prepare your wallet to suffer!

Peter Savin

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