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Azrael is a cool one when it comes to stuff like that. Too bad DC ruined
that name. Wasn't there another character nicknamed "Death"? I know his
initials were T.S. Thanks for the translations, guys. I would invest in a
Japanese-English dictionary, but I'd probably use it about three times a
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>Thanks a lot, but I'm still curious about the literal translation of
>"Shinigami." I know that a lot of you know Japanese, so could you please
>translate this word/name?

  Literally, it's "God of Death". Figuratively, it means the
personification of Death, so "Grim Reaper" or "Angel of Death" would be
the best English translations. (Credit to Mixx's Gundam Wing comic for
the latter, which strikes me as the best rendition.)

-- Mark

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