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According to the Gundam Project, their final ranks were:

Char Aznable: Colonel
Johnny Ridden: Major
Shin Matsunaga: Captain

Accorinding to U.S. Army/Air Force/Marine Corps rank structure, the above
list is from highest to lowest rank.

Hope this helps,
Joaquin Torres

Gundam Omega wrote:

> Ok I'm just about done with my assorted Zion mecha in the MG line.
> I've got 3 Zaku, a Gelgoog and will soon be doing another grunt Zaku and
> a grunt Dom.
> But 2 of my Zaku are commander types one is J. Ridden's, and the other
> is Shin Matsunaga's. But my Gelgoog is Char's. I want to take some
> pics of a military review or something with my models but I don't want
> higher ranking officers saluting Char or something. So who is higher
> ranked? Char Aznable,Shin Matsunaga,or Jhonny Ridden?
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