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My favorite character would be the Bloodia II Custom, which is a hidden

Other unlockable characters are basically color variations of the main
characters. The exception being the Dixon Prototype, which is a grey Dixon
with a new head that looks just like a Zaku Flipper...


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> For those who have played it, what is your favorite robot? Mine is
> Twinzam V or Dixen.
The Dixen has worked out quite well for me. I almost finished it, when I
went to do my finishing move, which is awfully close to the dreamcast reset
sequence ... and you can guess what happened =)
The G.Kaiser is also fun, because i'm a huge Gekiganger fan, and any game
where I can GEKIGA-PUNCH! and GEKIGA-BEAM! is cool in my book. On my
birthday, we were playing a bunch of DC games, and despite the alcohol we'd
consumed, nobody else found it funny when I yelled GEKIGA-PUNCH! every time
I hit the attack button. Silly people, they don't understand.
Out of curiosity, are there are hidden characters you can unlock? Not that
it matters much, I just moved back home to go back to university so i no
longer have access to my roommates dreamcast ... i think if Tony Hawks 2 for
PC ends up sucking, i'm going to have to buy a DC just for that (well, tech
romancer and soul calibur will also make it worthwhile, but THPS2 is going
to be the greatest thing since Gundam i'm quite convinced)

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