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You could try gundamshop.com, although, I ordered a Endless Waltz kit from
them and they took and entire week to actually ship the kit after they got
them in stock. I complained and they said that they had a difficult time
filling all the pre-orders that had accumulated. Take that for what you

You are probably better off going mailorder or internet order... the local
shop owners are greedy bastards who will double and triple the cost trying
to make up for all the crap Pokemon cards they bought. Unless it's a *big*
store, those guys are only looking for the next fad they can mark up 200%...

I actually saw Gundam Wing kits in a hobby store Thursday for $20 USD?
Funny thing was.. the Toys-R-Us down the street from him was selling them
for $11.99. I imagine he goes there, buys them all and then re-sells them.
That way, he's cornering his little market.


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> does anyone know where else can i get gundam kits, other than toys r us?
Just shoot off all places that you may know of in the los angeles area
(preferably downtown pasadena or glendale area). i am a newbie to the world
of gundam but am tired of wing (at least the kits).
> Lizandro
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